​Islam in Europe: Present Trends and Future Challenges

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Islam in Europe: Present Trends and Future Challenges

Authors: Christoph Marcinkowski and Nora S. Eggen

Publisher: International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies (IAIS)

Page: 97 pages

ISBN: 978-967-10065-4-2

The Authors

Christoph Marcinkowski, award-winning scholar of Islamic and Security Studies from Germany, had been Principal Research Fellow at IAIS Malaysia and is now based in Berlin as a senior political analyst. He has published 12 books, among them The Islamic World and the West (Berlin: LIT, 2009), and Malaysia and the European Union (Berlin: LIT, 2011).

Nora S. Eggen is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Oslo, Norway, working on a thesis on conceptions of trust in Islamic thought. Previously, she had also been a guest researcher at IAIS Malaysia.

This Monograph

In the last two decades or so, Muslims have asserted their presence in Europe in a more visible, public, and – to some degree – more controversial manner. From the perspective of Europeans, the question is how they would fit into their non-Muslim host societies. Muslim immigrants, in turn, consider also the issue of how to transmit their values to younger generations who have been born, educated, and married in Western Europe. This volume focuses on some aspects of the current situation of Muslims in three selected European Union member states, namely Germany, France, and the Netherlands, as well as Scandinavia, with a focus on Norway.

“This book offers a unique point of view on the problems faced by European Muslims […]. Europeans as well as Muslims should read this book as it is foreseen that in 2050 one in five Europeans will likely be a Muslim […]. After reading these captivating pages, you will most probably ask for more…” - Dr Constance Chevallier-Govers, Associate Professor of Law, University of Grenoble, France

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