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Qur'anic Pictures of the Universe (Hardback)

Author: Osman Bakar

Publisher: Islamic Book Trust/UBD Press

ISBN: 9789670526263

Pages: 215pp

Year: 2016

Weight: 0.363kg

Price: RM70

This book presents a new study of one of the major themes of the Qur’an. The theme of Qur’anic pictures of the universe treated here pertains to as yet a little explored facet of Islamic cosmology. Through this particular thematic study of the Qur’an the author has made a significant contribution to the contemporary understanding of the scriptural foundation of Islamic cosmology and the present discourse on epistemology of scientific exegesis (tafsir ‘ilmy) of the Qur’an. The book offers many new insights that will prove particularly helpful to those interested in deepening their understanding of Qur’anic perspectives on cosmology, the natural sciences, and religion and science.


Classification of Knowledge in Islam: A study in Islamic School of Epistemology

Author: Osman Bakar

Publisher: Islamic Book Trust

ISBN: 9789670526645

Pages: 332pp

Year: 2019

Weight: 0.750kg

Price: RM55

There are many biographies of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) in almost every language of the world, so why write a new one? What can be added to what has already been written?

Every age has its own unique language, terminology and readership, and this age is no exception. The language people use and understand has changed, and the majority are no longer equipped to fully understand the classical, historical, narrative-based language used in most works of Sīra. This acts as a barrier to accessing the Muhammadan lessons and spiritual awakenings. This biography is therefore written in as contemporary a style as possible, without being overly simplistic, in order to bring to life these divine lessons and lights.

This factor alone—although there are many others—justifies producing a contemporary Sīra that extracts the material from the historical sources and paints in modern terms a true and accurate picture of the life of our noble Prophet that sheds new light on the course of events. In doing so, it aims to be as concise as possible while leaving the divine Muhammadan core intact.

Through the Prophet’s life and words, the Qur’ān is brought into the world of form, and when sincere Muslims study that life in all its glorious details, relive its events, and return to the source of the pure spring of Islam, their faith is strengthened and purified.


Islamic Civilisation and the Modern World: Thematic Essays

Author: Osman Bakar

Publisher: Islamic Book Trust

ISBN: 9789991712703

Year: 2018

Pages: 364 pp

Price: RM65

This book presents a thematic treatment of Islamic civilisation. Each of the fourteen chapters comprising this book treats at least one of the major themes that are characteristic of this youngest religiously-based civilisation of the world. The author’s thematic approach is primarily meant to promote a better appreciation of the living nature of Islamic civilisation. The book’s content provides ample evidence that Islamic civilisation is not merely a passing historical phenomenon. The various themes it discusses clearly demonstrate the continuing relevance of Islamic civilisation to the present and future humanity.

Among the many interesting ideas explored in the book are the three types of a civilisation’s global presence, the Qur’anic theory of the identity of the Muslim ummah and the identity of Islamic civilisation, tawhidic epistemology, the core content of a knowledge culture, the wisdom of medical pluralism, the theory of Islam and the three waves of globalisation, the marriage between ethnicity and religiosity to produce certain types of civilisations, and civilisational renewal in relation to Maqasid al-shari’ah. There are many appealing features of the book that would help attract positive responses and critiques from readers thereby helping to contribute to a more enlightened discourse on Islamic civilisation.

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