​Man and His Destiny

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Man and His Destiny

Author: Murtaza Mutahharir

Publisher: Islamic Book Trust

ISBN: 9789670526508

Year: April 2019

Weight: 0.227kg

Pages: 93pp

Price: RM29

The question of fate and destiny is a philosophical question, and should normally be looked for in the books of philosophy. However, in this book it has been taken out of its proper context and grouped with questions which are neither connected with regard to its subject nor with its object of its study.

Here this question is being studied under the heading of "The causes of the decline of the Muslims". This heading includes various subjects, events and questions, namely historical, psychological, moral, social and religious.

The only link which binds these subjects together is their positive or negative effects on the progress and the decline of the Muslim society. The aim here is to see whether a belief in destiny as required by philosophical reasoning is one of those ideas which lead its adherents to lethargy.

Are the believers automatically dragged to decline and decay or is it a doctrine which has no ill effect if it is expounded in a sound manner. Here we will see how Islam has presented this question and with what effect on its followers.

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